Studies: Hemorrhagic Stroke Patients Have Second Chance

Gigi Gelvosa, a neurosurgical operating room nurse at Seton Brain and Spine Care in Austin, Texas, suddenly found herself whisked into the emergency room of the same hospital where she worked.

She was in a coma and this time was on the other side of an operating table—as a patient who experienced a major hemorrhagic stroke.

Doctors gave her little chance of survival but operated on her using NICO BrainPath® technology which was safely performed to treat the deadliest, most costly and debilitating form of stroke through surgical intervention.

Gelvosa not only came through her surgery but is now on the road to recovery.

Brain Path is now the subject of two peer-reviewed studies in Neurosurgery and Operative Neurosurgery, both published by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons—the leader in education and innovation in advancing neurosurgery.

The studies show statistically significant data, citing more than 95 percent clot reduction, the ability to walk in 94 percent of patients, and no mortalities in one study with patient groups suffering from hemorrhagic stroke.

Both studies—one prospective single-center study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic and the other a retrospective multi-center study with 11 institutions that included Johns Hopkins, Emory, NorthShore, Indiana University, and Houston Methodist—conclude that the BrainPath Approach™ was safely performed in all patients with a high rate of clot evacuation and a statistically significant improvement in clinical outcomes and functional status and a meaningful reduction in mortality.


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