Former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader suffers stroke, recovers with help from squad: ‘She is a fighter’

A former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader who suffered a severe stroke has made a miracle recovery with the rallying cries of her squad.

Tessa David had a stroke in her sleep on Dec. 1, rendering the popular 28-year-old professional dancer and model partially paralyzed.

“Sixty percent of my brain was injured,” she told Fox 59. “I can’t read, I can’t do numbers, math has no meaning to me. “Everything went dizzy on me.”

The blond beauty was left paralyzed on her right side. She struggles to speak because her “brain is still rewiring.”

But she has been making remarkable progress, according to inspiring video updates she’s been posting on Facebook .

“I work hard in therapy. I need your help to make me better,” David pleads to supporters while fighting back tears. “I’m working so hard at it, so hard.”

Many have answered her desperate call, including the entire Colts cheerleading squad who spent countless nights beside her hospital bed.

You can read more of this great story that also points to the power and necessity of a great support system when trying to recover from a stroke at the Daily News.

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