How two glasses of cranberry juice a day could cut your risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes

Drinking two glasses of cranberry juice a day may cut your risk of suffering a stroke or heart disease, research suggests.

Cranberries contain polyphenols, protective compounds that support the body’s natural defences.

The 56 participants in the study, conducted by the US Department of Agriculture, were split into two groups who were given controlled diets.

One group drank about four-fifths of a pint of low-calorie cranberry juice a day, while the other drank a placebo with a similar colour and flavour.

Researchers took measurements of health indicators from the participants, including blood pressure, blood sugar levels and blood lipids.

After eight weeks, those who drank the cranberry juice improved across all these measures. The changes could be associated with a 15 per cent lower risk of a stroke and a 10 per cent lower risk of heart disease.

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