Bozeman artist, after stroke, goes abstract

Michael Angelo Fortin, a painter and disc jockey in Bozeman, suffered a stroke five days after turning 35.

“It just happened,” he said.

Is it holding him back?


Dozens of paintings, piles of drawings and music fill the Bozeman home he built before the stroke caused partial paralysis in his right arm.

This week, he’s preparing to take 12 pieces from a series he calls “Chaos to Creation” for display inside the office of CTA Architects Engineers. The exhibit will be open to the public during the downtown Bozeman art walks.

For his upcoming show, part of the process is to use plastic bottles, filled with paint, to intentionally create a disorder of contrasting colors and lines, set against pieces of gold foil and right-angled shapes. Red, he said, is a favorite for its emotional intensity.

The series is a reflection on his life becoming chaotic, and the creative energy from the conflicting order and chaos, and his emotions, his fears, and his protest.

Read more at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

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