After the run…

_MG_2459-smallHellooooooooo. Here we are, back from Europe and done with the first event of the season. We had a great time in London, Paris and Cannes aside from getting sick while in Cannes. The illness stretched into the weeks following our return home and sapped my motivation to train, which was unfortunate. I decided to abandon the Ortega River Run the weekend after we got back and focus on getting ready for the Gate River Run last Saturday.

The weather for race day was beautiful. It is a fun event because there are so many people participating and supporting and there is a lot of energy in the air. I pulled out my ear buds around mile 6 and didn’t need to put them back in because there was so much going on around me to keep me pumped up and running. DCIM100GOPRO

Susan posted a new PR, improving on our time from last year by 7 minutes. I enjoyed the run and felt good the whole way around. The rest of our group had good days as well. Julie posted a new PR as well, finishing in 1:22 and Melissa finished her first River Run in 1:58.

I climbed back on the bike the next morning and squeezed in 33 miles of very windy cycling. Riding south into a stiff wind was not a lot of fun, fortunately the wind did not shift until I was almost back home. The unfortunate headwind for my ride out was a really excellent tailwind for my ride back in.

Next on the calendar is the half marathon portion of the Tour De Pain Extreme on March 30th. I think it will be a fun race, my first at that distance!

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