Oh the humanity

All I could think was, “What have I done,” as I woke up the next morning with a whole lot of soreness.

Taking a bit of advice from all of the aging athletes out there I began a program of strength training last week. And really for the first time since I began this journey at the end of October I woke up in the morning not wanting to be physically active. I had broken my training mantra of being able to train the next day…well not really I still went to the gym but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I normally do.

This is a new element to my training plan and it’s going to take some getting used to. It does make me long for those miles of empty road on foot or my bike though. When your trainer has you bent in some weird pretzel shape you can’t help but think how much nicer those cardio workouts really are. I started to think that while laying on the gym floor, thinking I would really like to go for a run, right now, away from here… I stuck it out though and even went back Monday for some more.

We had a bit of a breakthrough on Sunday during our family time forced physical training (who wouldn’t want to live in our house?!) when Susan was able to jog all the way around our 3.4 mile loop. A big accomplishment and one that she was rightfully proud of and excited about. While we might come up a bit short of my goal time for the River Run in March it is certainly going to be better than it was last year. Only 60 days before we get to lace it up for that event.

I took the plunge and registered for the Augusta Ironman 70.3 on New Year’s Eve as well (before the price went up), getting a head start on those resolutions. I’m looking at a couple more events before then to get prepared as well. Supporters will be out in force on September 28th though and hopefully in style. We’re working on getting some t-shirts out there for people that want to be a part of the process without so much doing all the cardio. You can check out the shirts on booster.com. The shirts are only $20 and they’re for a great cause!

In closing today and thinking about the unpleasantness of the new aspect of my training, I think about what Joe went through and how he kept going and kept fighting as long as he possibly could. For all of us out there training for something, maybe it’s a race and maybe it’s just training for life, whatever you do remember to KEEP GOING!

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