A little chilly

I know I shouldn’t complain because it is December 12th and I live in Florida but for me 56 degrees was a little chilly for my run this morning. Note (for all you Northerners) I didn’t say cold, there was no snow or icy winds to deal with this morning, just a little breeze.

It was a good run, my first of any sort of distance outside in quite awhile. This morning was validating the time on the treadmill and on the bike as I was able to keep up a jog much better than I could the last time I made that loop. Before it was about walking and then running and then walking and then running and it was out of control and it was a struggle and today was more about bouncing along, letting the road come to me, being patient and yeah I’m going to say it…enjoying the work. I might not have looked like I was enjoying myself all of the time with what I can only imagine was a grim and determined look on my face but it did feel good.

Towards the beginning of my run I was still getting warm and getting comfortable when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s classic “Can’t Hold Us” started playing. For me it is one of the great exercise songs ever, great beat, great build up. Next time I’m just going to put it on repeat and I’ll be able to run forever. As that song was finishing up I took a moment to reflect (while running) on how I have changed since I ran cross country in high school. I might have been faster then (and lighter) but I’m much more determined now, much more motivated. I enjoy the work more now than I did then. I thought about how I used to practice much better when I would run with one my coaches. Not sure where Mr. Krishna is now but he was a real help to me then. Then I realized this morning that I never have to run alone anymore. As I was bouncing along I thought about my dad, one of the reasons why I run now (and bike and swim), and he was there with me. So if you happen to see me out running or riding and it looks like I’m talking to myself, don’t worry about me, I’m just talking to my dad.

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