Lessons every new triathlete should know

The Phoenix Triathlon Club has compiled a list of 100 things that every new triathlete should know. Most of them are quite sensible (and helpful) but Lesson 74 starts the “Fun List.” Some of my favorites…

  • Wear spandex everywhere. Grocery Store, Dinner, Teacher’s Conference, etc.
  • Don’t forget you’re not the only one in the race. Your mother things you’re special but no one else does.
  • When kicked in the face during the swim, you could speed up, get in front of the culprit, and return the blow. However, doing so will result in a heart rate spike, and possibly worse performance. Instead, proceed to kick the person behind you in the exact same fashion as the original kicker. While some may believe in “An Eye for an Eye”, conscientious triathletes should stick to something more like “Pay It Forward”.
  • Go real fast. Don’t fall down.
  • An un-matching race kit is not acceptable.
  • If, for any reason, you bleed during the race, make sure your spouse knows about it. It can be good for more uninterrupted post race couch time.

  • During the swim just remember….in every body of water there is something waiting to grab you, pull you under and eat you.
  • Don’t get depressed when your family does not seem outwardly excited when you offer to give them a mile by mile recap of your last race.
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