A love/hate relationship

Hello Treadmill, we meet again…

So I have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. A machine that once inspired a certain level of fear and trepidation has worked its way into my heart, at least a little bit. The treadmill is a heartless, soulless machine without any whiff of imagination. And that might just be why I like it.

The treadmill does not care what song I am listening to at the moment. The treadmill does not care if I am daydreaming about clouds. The treadmill does not care if I’m hungry or thirsty. This is what I love about it. It will continue to spin at the programmed rate for the programmed time without respect for any of my exercise quirkiness. I have but two options: to run along with it or to go flying ignominiously off of the back of it. The second option would be both embarrassing and probably painful. So I run and I run and I run and then I stop, but not before the treadmill tells me to stop. With that singular focus on its program it makes me stronger, how can you not love that?

With 9 months and 3 weeks left until Augusta I am trying to settle into a training routine. I went a little crazy there for a while, probably incorporating too many different activities into each day. Last Wednesday during the run immediately following my bike ride my legs told me to stop. So I sort of listened to them, cutting my run short. But then I still climbed into the pool a few hours later… Thanksgiving and family travel kept me from exercising on Thursday and Sunday, which is a good thing. Legs were still a little sore this morning but I still got in a decent bike ride at a faster pace than I had been getting and just finished a 3 mile run. I plan on keeping this level of activity through the week and we’ll see how it goes.


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