It’s back

And just like that it was back again…the fear. Sitting on the exercise bike staring at myself in the gym mirror as it crept in to the quiet place in my head. Not fear of being chased by zombies or being run over by a semi so much as fear of not being prepared, not being ready for the challenge ahead. Fear is a great exercise motivator, I can find all sorts of things to be afraid of while exercising. There’s fear of not hitting the split distance you were hoping for or fear of flying off of the treadmill…even fear that maybe you should have waited longer to hit the elliptical after eating tacos, hope the people around you have their ear buds in, and nose plugs for that matter.

Fear might not be the best motivator, though Machiavelli might have something else to say about that, but it works pretty well for me. Fear and that insane, weird competitiveness that I seem to have. Can I log more miles than Mike this week? Can I log more miles than I did last week? How many calories did YOU burn today?

Why do you think I climbed back on the bike at 5 o’clock today?

Then there’s the last reason, climbing off the bike this evening after a short ride, that satisfied feeling that comes from not wasting the day. The feeling you get from knowing that you did what you needed to get yourself ready for next September.

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