Another new adventure

The wheels have been turning…7 months removed from my last Tough Mudder I have been hungering for a new challenge. A new opportunity to get and stay in better physical health and to raise awareness about the risk that strokes pose to people of all ages. As I read through literature on stroke and stroke prevention to stay current on the subject, one thing jumps out at me overwhelmingly and that is the need to get active and to stay active. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are two huge risk factors for stroke. Get that blood pressure under control!

I’ve contemplated many different possible activities over the last few weeks and most of them wouldn’t work for one reason or another. I was pretty excited about the possibility of an endurance road race like the 24 Hours of Daytona or something like that but our overwhelming lack of race car driving experience or sponsorship has lead me to dismiss that as the best use of funds at this moment.

I was reading a little bio about Mike’s goals on his dailymile page after I coerced him into joining so we could keep track of each others’ working out and he had mentioned participating in a triathlon and it hit me, we should do a triathlon!

Once that decision was made it took a bit of study and research to figure out what distance triathlon we wanted to participate in and where we wanted to do it. Who knew there were so many different triathlon distances to pick from? Sprint triathlons seemed a little short to be a good challenge and the Olympic triathlon distance was fun but not fun enough. So we decided on running a half-Ironman: 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of cycling, and then 13.1 miles of running. Sounds like a pretty cool way to spend the day, don’t you think?

After a quick trip to the Ironman website, and some pestering of my friend Dave Nijhawan, who has participated in several Ironmans for very good cause as well, Ironman For Kids, we decided on a location and date for our grand entrance to the world of triathlon. Now the countdown to September 28, 2014 has begun! Today is the first day in the last 11 that I will likely not make it to the gym as I am participating in an art show, selling photography to benefit the Foundation. I was very proud of my week of workouts last week though, logging over 50 miles and 4400 calories. Here’s to many more weeks like that and better!

I’ll keep you updated as my training and preparation progresses.

Stay up to date with Dave’s progress as well at his blog: I have known Dave since our freshman year in college. He had the great misfortune of living in the dorm room next to mine. While Dave didn’t suffer as much as our neighbor across the hall, who did not appreciate my constantly turning his books around on the bookshelf, he still had to put up with a lot of my strange collegiate behaviors, like the post-midnight campus run the night before exams. After one too many Jolt Colas I convinced him to join me for a run during which we encountered a group of rather unfriendly sorts who proceeded to rough us up a bit, thus ending the practice of post-midnight outdoor exercise. Kind of ironic that we still run at all…

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