Tough Mudder Beckons

Well it’s almost here. Am I as prepared as I wanted to be? No, not really, but are you ever?

Here’s a course map for the fun they have in store for us. A lot of this is probably not going to be specifically “fun” but it will feel good to cross the finish line. Am I a bit concerned about the Boa Constrictor, the Berlin Walls, Trench Warfare, and Walk The Plank, maybe a little bit. Have I been crawling back and forth across my living room floor? We won’t talk about that, hopefully no one was filming any of my preparation.

While my shoes will likely become muddy and the colors muted within the first 100 feet of the run I will know that they are orange and blue. And yes, I did have to get two pairs of shoes to pull off this look, now I have my shoes for the River Run too!

At the end of the day Mike and I are going to be tired and dirty but we will know that two pretty normal people working together can accomplish quite a bit. Sometimes the challenges are physical like the Tough Mudder and sometimes the challenges are of a different nature, like being with a family member as they move from hospital to rehab center to nursing home and back again over a period of 16 months.

If we all work together, there really isn’t anything that can stop us…

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