Breast Cancer and Stroke

A really informative article in the Spokesman-Review came out today. As we are easing out of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the pink frenzy that has become associated with it, I am happy that there is such great awareness for breast cancer and for initiatives to detect it early and for new treatments. Breast cancer has touched my life in many different ways. At the same time it saddens me that strokes kill twice as many women as breast cancer and many people know almost nothing about their risk. That is really a big part of the reason that the J.L. Wiley Foundation exists, when my father suffered his stroke we were all shocked, a heart attack we could have guessed, but a stroke?

Here is the link to the article in the Spokesman-Review, I encourage you to read through it and get a better appreciation for your own risk factors.

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  1. wonderful post, thank you.

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