Tough Mudder Training Update

Good Afternoon Foundation Followers, I thought it was high time for another training update since we have so many exciting (and physically challenging) events coming up. I went out for the afternoon bike ride aboard Beach Cruiser One to stretch the legs a little bit and it turned into a beach cruising free-for-all. The weather has been beautiful here over the last several days with what are hopefully the first hints of fall in the air so I took full advantage of the less than 1,000% humidity that normally plagues these parts and got in a great ride, 7 miles at an average pace of 13.6 miles per hour, which I think is pretty fantastic on a beach cruiser. The thing only has one speed and the brakes aren’t much to brag about either, I nearly crashed into the garage door pulling back into the driveway.

Only two months, two days, three weeks, and fifteen hours to the start of my Mudder and I’d be lying if I said my successful completion of the the event won’t be more of a triumph of will (with a hint of stubbornness) over any actual physical prowess. It’s gonna be a fun day one way or the other!

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