Preparations for the Wine Tasting at J7 Motorsports…

I’m just back from my photo project at J7 Motorsports this morning. Can I just say, “Wow!” Aside from the insane cars in his showroom, Rick is also one of the nicest people on the planet both for allowing us to use his facilities for the upcoming Wine Tasting and for accommodating my desire today to get some pictures for promo materials. He moved several cars in the showroom around so I could get clear shots and he was fastidious about making sure that logos on the wheels were facing the right direction.

I probably should have let him just take the pictures because he does all of the photography for his site and in the showroom and he’s got a good eye. We took pictures with the Rolls Royce wheel, a Bentley wheel, and a Ferrari wheel. He has two Mercedes in the showroom that seem plain enough but are apparently 2 of only 400 that were made essentially as pace cars for Formula 1. He started one of them up to move it so I could take pictures with the Ferrari and that thing sounded amazing and while they are a little pricey they do have a top speed of 193 mph, so what’s not to like?

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